Winix Dehumidifier

Quiet operation with smart inverter
Convenient use with smartphone remote control
With its 3D dehumidifying function, low noise, first-grade for energy efficiency rating, and its smartphone control technology linked to SKT Smart Home service, Winix has yet again innovated dehumidifier technology.
Winix Dehumidifier

Winix Air Purifier

In Korea Winix established high standards for air purifiers by creating a powerful air purifier with 2,000 air holes.
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Maximizing spatial efficiency, the oval design accentuates the luxuriousness of the Winix Tower, which has won awards such as Pin-up Design Award 2015, iF Design Award 2016 from Germany, and Red Dot Award 2016.
Always be connected

Winix Smart Home

A new kind of experience where imagination and reality converge
Our product provides push alarms that factor in the user’s lifestyle habits and virtual information so that the users may use the humidifier/air purifier immediately and conveniently wherever and whenever they want.
Winix Smart Home